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Escape to Serenity: Why a pottery retreat should be your next adventure!

Updated: Jan 2

Elemental Claycation is happening! This past weekend four ladies that needed an escape from their regular lives arrived Friday night to relax in the third floor attic space to enjoy a charcuterie board and the excitement of creating in the pottery studio. Throughout the weekend incredible food interspersed studio time and so many great stories were shared. These ladies escaped into the third floor attic space and the beautiful sunset and sunrise added to their adventure.

handmade pottery retreat
The first Elemental Claycation

The food was prepared by local chef Adrienne Jackson allowing pottery creation to happen without having to worry about what food to choose or if allergies were accommodated. The food became an adventure that took the retreat to an elevated level. The menu is curated so that the gluten free, vegan doesn't feel like they are getting the after thought meal. After designing great pottery in the studio with me, we created our own pizzas that we cooked in the wood fired pizza oven. I have made many pizzas in that oven, but this past weekend was special. I honestly felt like the creating just was flowing in all mediums.

The ladies created 11-13 pieces of pottery, totally exceeding my expectations. They learnt how to handbuild and while I was working one on one with each at the wheel they just kept coming up with better and better ideas to create! When I began working on this retreat a year and a half ago, I had a vision of how it would all play out and feel being a host and the teacher. I wanted that people would connect with each other while creating and escaping from their regular life at home. I honestly feel after this weekend, I have been able to create the perfect experience where I get to host in my heritage house, teach pottery which is my passion, and meet new people and build relationships.

It is hard to explain how excited I am for the January Claycations. I have two dates in January, one a female "meet your new best friends" and a male one. This past weekend was a group that knew each other and wanted to escape together. I have January set up so that individuals can come and connect with new people while creating and enjoying my heritage house and studio. I have a few spaces in each weekend. So if you are looking for a pottery retreat escape explore the following links:

I am back in the studio this week finishing up everyone's creations from the weekend so that next week it gets out to them in time for Christmas. Please note the highway store is always open if you are looking for handmade gifts this season.

Marea Olafson

Freba Pottery

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