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Experience My Highway Store Right Here!!

Step into our virtual highway store, where shopping meets adventure!

Explore my curated collection of unique finds and must-have essentials, all from the comfort of your own home. If we are our of stock in our highway store, you can order it here.

Whether you're looking for the perfect gift or treating yourself to something special, my online shop has everything you need to make your shopping experience unforgettable.

Start browsing now and discover your next great find!

All of our online products are custom-made just for you! When you place an order, we get to work crafting your item with care and precision. We don't keep inventory, so each product is uniquely created and shipped directly to you or sent as a special gift. Enjoy the personalized touch with every purchase!

Explore My Collection

Step into my curated collections where every item tells a story and every purchase sparks joy. My diverse range of products has something for everyone. Whether you're seeking the perfect gift, adding flair to your home decor, or indulging in a little self-care, I've got you covered. Explore our collections and uncover treasures that speak to your soul. Your next favorite find is just a scroll away!   

So let's begin...

All products are made to order!

Shipping, Returns & Breakage Policy

I ship using Canada Post and always pack the pottery so that it arrives in one piece no matter the trials and tribulations during its voyage.


Pottery though can break. If this happens please contact me and provide a picture of the damaged product and I will replace it in a timely fashion. 

Once you receive your pottery order, if it isn't exactly as you hoped it would be you may ship it back to me at your own expense.  Upon receiving the pottery and ensuring there is no breakage, I will provide you with a full refund.

Door Delivery

Exploring the craft of...

Freba Pottery

Step into my world of Freba Pottery with me, where every piece tells a story of passion, creativity, and craftsmanship. Immerse yourself in the artistry of handmade functional pottery, meticulously crafted to elevate everyday moments into extraordinary experiences.

I don't just create ceramics; I weave dreams into clay, infusing each piece with soul-stirring energy that captivates the senses. From the gentle curve of a mug to the intricate detail of a serving bowl, every creation is a testament to my unwavering commitment to excellence.

Whether you find a heartfelt gift for a loved one or a cherished addition to your own collection, my pottery transcends the ordinary, transforming moments into memories that last a lifetime.

And for an even deeper dive into the world of pottery and my creative process, make sure to explore my blog. Discover insider tips, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and inspiration to fuel your own artistic journey.


Join me on a journey of discovery, where art meets functionality, and beauty knows no bounds. Experience the magic of Freba Pottery and let your imagination take flight with every touch, every sip, and every shared moment!!

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