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Who would of thought?

Last week to this week and the attic floor had a makeover! After four hardworking days dad and I transformed the 104 year old fir floor into a surface I'm now scared to walk on. Seriously though the floor is incredible and so proud of how this space has been changing into what I envisioned. For the last three days we have had to let it cure, thus allowing dad and I to take a break from renovations for a few moments.

The windows are going in tomorrow and again the space will look different again. Here is a video of the space as of this morning... I am on track for piloting the Elemental Claycation in August with Tourism Saskatchewan and launching the weekend of September 22-24, 2023. So excited to be able to host people in this space and create in the studio.

I did get a chance to get into the studio and have been preparing for a weekend market in Vegerville for the 50th anniversary of the Pysanka Festival. I am also working on getting more product in the highway store as well.

I best get back to creating!

Marea Olafson

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