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Mystery Boxes

For those who like surprises

This image is a box that shows the experience of the surprise gift for my pottery mystery box to purchase

The gift that keeps on giving!

Experience My Mystery Box...
You choose the colour,
I surprise you with pottery

Indulge in the mystery of my curated pottery boxes, each containing 3-4 exquisitely crafted pieces, specially designed for the month of shipment. My mission is to offer you pottery pieces that transcend the ordinary, not found in my regular highway store. This platform serves as my creative playground, where I experiment with shapes and unveil novel forms to delight and surprise you. Every piece is not just a work of art but a functional treasure, promising to infuse joy into your everyday moments, extending far beyond the excitement of unboxing.



Wedding Anniversary Gift: for 8th or 9th year of marriage: Depending on where you live, pottery is the traditional gift for either your 8th or 9th anniversary. Why pottery? The history behind the gift is that pottery is a source of continuing sustenance. 

Birthday Gift: A mystery box is an intriguing and exciting concept that involves receiving a package filled with concealed items, the contents of which are unknown to the recipient until they open it.

Self Care Gift: Buy yourself handmade functional pieces that allows you to remind yourself that you are worth nice items.

Freba Potttery

Experience My Mystery boxes with me!