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These Boots are made for Renovating...

I am so excited to be wearing my new work boots designed by artist Pattiann Withapea from Parksville, BC. These boots will be working in the third floor this spring designing and creating a new space for the Elemental Claycation. So I defined my business with three pillars...and today's BLOG is going to be about RETREAT. Elemental Claycation will be an immersive pottery retreat located at my heritage house an d my studio.

My house was built in 1919, and the third floor didn't get insulated, nor completed. I have my own story of why they didn't finish the top floor when it was built, but mostly I feel it wasn't finished so that 104 years later, my creative juices could create the most magnificent space. That is the story I am going with! I have an electrician, a plumber, a dad, a cousin, an apprentice, a family, and a tribe and I can't wait to take you on this creative journey.

Electrical is happening in the whole house as this house still has some original wiring for the lights and the light switches. The mainfloor has been rewired and the second floor and third floor will start up again next week. April 3rd is the day that I am going to with my dad break in my boots by starting to frame the knee walls! I created a video of my vision in February and you will find the link to it here A few decisions have been made since this video was made, but you will have to wait til I do another video when it is complete void of chairs and other too good to throw out items.

I realize this blog maybe short today, but please click on the video link and see what I have brewing.

Marea Olafson

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