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Unlocking Your Inner Creativity...

Updated: Jan 23

I am amazed how so many people will declare "I am not an artist" "I am not creative" "My son is the creative one in the family" or many other versions of this statement. As humans, we all have a level of creativity. Somehow in society there is a version of creativity, art making, and creating art that sits up on a pedestal that we don't think we could ever reach and because of that we don't even try. If you spend any time with a 5 year old, they will show you numerous times in a day how they are an artist, a builder or a creative. They will not hold back and they are proud of their creations. Somewhere as we age we tuck our creativity away and judge ourselves on this pedestal of creativity. I truly believe that your inner creativity can be unlocked at Elemental Claycation.

handmade pottery Elemental Claycation
Items created at Elemental Claycation

In 2023, I had a five year old apprentice in my studio learning pottery and embracing all the various pottery techniques. She would share with her parents all the new things she made. Recently, in the December claycation I had four people who wanted to connect with each other and unlock their inner creativity. One woman actually has a pottery wheel sitting in her house that she hasn't used but dreams of having a space to create in. One woman actually said "I am not creative, but if I can make a couple things I will be so happy" One person has been collecting my pottery for years and just wanted to be in my studio. These four friends left my studio just like my little five year old apprentice; proud of what they created, excited about finding their inner creative and planning on who can they convince to come the next time they come.

As a wheel throwing functional potter, I like to make things that I can use and that others will find useful. My favourite items to make are mugs and bowls. Mugs have become a favourite because I love a good mug myself and bowls because I just love throwing that shape. In my studio, I don't personally use hand building techniques, but teach them as understanding all the various ways to manipulate the clay opens many doors to what can be created. What is incredible is when I place a ball of raw clay in anyone's hands there becomes a connection with the 5 year old self that thought they were artists, creatives, and builders. the judgement disappears and the creativity begins.

As 2024, is knocking on the door, spend some time thinking of how you can embrace your inner creative. I'm sure my family would like me to tuck away some of my creative ideas, but they have also learnt that I truly am not happy unless I am working through creating something new and wonderful. I will say I have lots of "crazy ideas" just sitting on the shelf for 2024 to be unlocked. Honestly, I think back to a year ago, I am blown away that I have created an immersive pottery retreat in my heritage house and studio.

Check out the dates for 2024 and come and unlock your inner creative while connecting with new people in central Saskatchewan.

I look forward to what 2024 will unlock for me as I will be busy in the studio all month creating

for the highway store, getting pieces made for the February Mystery Box and creating the Marea Mug Monday boxes.

Marea Olafson

Freba Pottery

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