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And now I am making more pottery mugs...

Production pottery requires making multiple of the same shape. When I started making pottery for sale, I would try and make one of a matchy matchy. Then I would have people ask "do you have two mugs the same size?" "do you make place settings" "can you make me a set of four cereal bowls?" So I fell into production pottery because people asked and because my focus was on functional pottery it is a good fit. That being said last week I was focussed on throwing 100 plates and this week I am working on mug bodies (don't have a number set)

Pottery Mugs handmade
Curvy Curvy Mug Bodies fresh off the wheel

As I am leaning into creating in 2023, I am working on building up my inventory of products, while also filling orders that come in. I decided on Sunday to giveaway a Marea Monday 2 Mug box on social media as a way to inspire me to get throwing mugs. The giveaway was a huge success in that I had so many people engaged in it on Instagram and Facebook that I gave away 2 boxes. I was filled with so much JOY because people were showing me love that already had mugs, saying they had my mugs on their wish list and even some orders came through. AND then....I started to get messages saying that someone is commenting and telling people they won and click here...a SCAMMER! Oh my...something that was engaging and fun and full of joy caused me some stress. I got on social media and tried to inform everyone and blocked and reported. I guess my giveaway made it to the "big leagues" that the scammers noticed.

This morning I got into the studio and started throwing mug bodies, listening to a podcast and did some time lapse recording of my throwing process. I feel like I have now owned my social media back in that I made some reels on both Facebook and Instagram and now working on my blog. SO there scammers, I am showing up and creating and making sure the right things are noticed of what I am creating.

Yesterday after drawing for the giveaway I made a post and offered up a code of 'GIVEAWAYJOY' that is in effect until Friday January 19th for 20% off for one purchase in my online store. And after the scammer event on my giveaway I am glad I put the code up for the week so that it is a wee bit of giveback to all that got the scammer message.

Last week, I was throwing plates and the first kiln load is cooling from being glazed fired. I hope to have some small plates in the highway store by the end of the week. The plates wont be going on the website for awhile as I need to build up my inventory in the highway store and also for some orders. Pay attention to my social media and website updates if you are interested in plates.

Thank you for following along with my pottery blog, my social media accounts and allowing me to follow my dream of creating pottery for a living. The code again is 'GIVEAWAYJOY' for 20% off for one item on my website.

Marea Olafson

Freba Pottery

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