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Naked Imagination causes creativity!

Updated: Jan 31

Did I get your attention? The above statement has been floating in my head for years and I feel that there are times that is what is happening in my brain. "Naked" on a metaphorical sense of nothing holding me back, no restrictions, no judgement, no rules applied...just pure naked, raw imagination. The possibilities are endless when your brain gets into that mode of "naked imagination" I have been in the flow with idea generating and coming up with new ideas. True creativity for me is when I lean into naked imagination.

I have been taking two Saskatchewan Online courses this fall; Achieving Awesome by Tourism Sask. and Propel by WESK. These courses have given me opportunities to use my naked imagination to create some cool things that will be coming in the new year. These courses have allowed me to network with other entrepreneurs in a way that has been so meaningful and impactful. I feel these courses have taken me from being a "retired teacher" to an artist and entrepreneur. I have lots more to learn and so much more to achieve in this chapter of my life, but I'm moving forward arms held open.

Oh don't worry my naked imagination is not taking me away from pottery but diving deep into pottery and adjusting so that I more authentic and more focused on my goals as an artist. So many cool ideas are brewing. If you know me you know that when I say "I have an idea" it will be interesting and big. Through these two courses my ideas are being worked on so they are more manageable and thought through.

In November, I did a few markets in Saskatoon and now am wrapping up orders and some custom work now. I will be keeping the highway store full throughout the Christmas season and of course in the new year. So if you are driving down highway 16 between Wynyard and Dafoe, don't hesitate to stop in my rustic store for some small business shopping! The open sign is right...I am always open! I do have solar lights in the store and some battery lights that you just touch to turn on. Wear your winter gear and find something special for this gifting season!

pottery mugs
My pottery creations

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