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Curvy Curvy Mug

As an artist, I get into creating the products that I have always created. In November, I had a customer reach out to me and asked if I could make some different shapes of mugs than my typical Freba Mug. As a result of this request, I have fallen in love with some new mug shapes. Throughout January I will be introducing the new mug shapes to the online store and highway store. I will be introducing various colours as well. You can purchase this Lakefront Curvy Curvy Mug and it also comes in Twilight at my online store.

From November 1 till December 20th, I believe I threw nearly 400 pieces of pottery for orders, online orders, and highway store shopping. That is an incredible amount of pottery pieces and it was so much fun. That being said, for the Month of January I am slowing down my daily throwing so that I can try some new products, help my dad who had open heart surgery a week ago, and just have some time to breathe when in the studio. I will be updating my website with more inventory and the highway store will get more stock weekly as well. With this cold weather, the highway store is VERY cold and hard to shop in so the online store is available for you to get your pottery needs.

I have been re-thinking my subscription/mystery box program and at this point I have the February Mystery Box available for purchase. I am going to have the link available to purchase til January 25, 2022 with shipping being February 1, 2022 so that the box arrives for those who would like to use for Valentine's Day gifting. The mystery box will have 4 products in it so you can break up the box for gifting as well. You get to pick from the 9 colour choices I offer for my pottery. If you have purchased the mystery box in the past and are wanting to have a suggestion for the box, after purchasing the box, please email me with your suggestion.

I would like to thank everyone who has subscribed to my blog/email; purchased online or the highway store; or just liked my posts on facebook or instagram. If you have any of my pottery already and want to show them in use, that is one of my favourite things in a day have happen. As an artist, it is a joy to know that my art is being used and loved.

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