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Leaning into my creative soul...

With every new year on the calendar, there are resolutions created, word of the year picked and routines adjusted to make it the best year ever. I started before January 1st this year cleaning and sorting my studio to make it the dream studio in the area I have and the materials I have already. As I worked around my studio, I reorganized the pictures on the walls, decided where tools should be stored better and eyed up my pottery wheel. Now if you know me you know that as a teacher around report card time my classroom and house was always the cleanest it could be. So was the studio clean a way to escape the wheel last week or was it a studio reset so that I could create in a beautiful space?

handmade pottery plates
Practicing throwing plates

I did catch myself in that spiral of clean, sort, organize and not throw on the wheel this past weekend. So I leaned into my creative soul and decided it was time to practice a shape that I don't throw a lot of unless for an order....plates. Half of my studio is clean and organized and half still needs some love and attention, but if I picked a shape that takes longer to "set" then I could throw and while the pieces are drying I could clean and organize. Unlike report cards, throwing vessels on the pottery wheel I love.

Now on my blog I have been focused so much on my RETREAT and TEACH pillar that I realized that if someone was looking at my blog, social media they may not know that I am a functional wheel throwing artist. So my focus for January is to showcase the art I create. Elemental Claycation for January 19-21 is booked and I'm hoping to get a few more participants for the January 26-28 Male only Claycation. That being said, I know I have laid the foundation for the claycation and at the right time they will all book up and I will look back on the RETREAT pillar will excitement. I choose to not to apply for a big Artist in Schools grant this year, because I know I need to commit to the CREATE side a bit more.

SO CREATE...I have 10-12 studio days set aside for creating functional pottery for the highway store, online store and custom orders. For this week I am focusing on throwing plates and it might continue or I switch to a new shape for practice. I have the Marea Mug Monday Boxes, and the Mystery Pottery Boxes on my website that I am working on fulfilling.

What is Marea Mug Monday Boxes? There are two options of six of box: 2 mugs or 4 mugs. you decide the shape and colour and over the week I create them and ship them out on the following Monday.

What is the Mystery Pottery Box? On February 1st I will ship out a pottery box with 3-4 pieces of pottery in the colour you choose in a theme that I have picked. It is a great option for those that want to get into collecting pottery, but don't know where to start. In 2023 I was way to busy with the renovation of the attic to offer this option, but for 2024 am working on sending out a box every two months.

I do have aspirations on having more items on my website, but it will take time to get stock built up in highway store and for the online store. So with a studio reset, a focus on my CREATE pillar I am excited for January and the new calendar year while I lean into my creative soul!

Marea Olafson

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