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It may not be spring blooms...

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

but it is a gift to bring joy to your Mother! Mother's Day box from It is a box that Faith from Stressed Out Mamas curated to highlight Saskatchewan women small businesses. I am lucky enough to have piece of pottery in the box, a pottery bowl or a pottery cup in white with a raspberry lip. It is paired with a candle from Prairie Creek Candles, oatmeal and spice from Splendor Gardens, coffee from Duck Mountain Coffee Company, an d Earrings from BKN Jewelers. Faith and I met through WESK Propel program and hit it off. As a solopreneur, I was missing the staffroom of my teaching days and found a business "staff room" with Faith and many others. If you are interested in ordering this box or get a subscription for her monthly boxes go to her website and get yours ASAP. Limited quantities left.

CREATE Pillar: I have been working on the Mother's Day box with Stressed Out Mamas and orders from website and building up inventory for the highway store. Just waiting for the warmer days to get out to store and clean up the winter dust. My husband Brad will be at Everything County market near Hague, SK May 6th with my pottery.

TEACH Pillar: the Artists in Schools grant project with Wynyard Elementary School and Wynyard Composite High School and artist Kevin Peeace and myself is getting colourful. The murals were brought out yesterday by Kevin and he showed the students how to paint. The weather system last week pushed back the project a week, but things are progressing well now. When the murals are done I will begin my part of the project starting May 24th with making pottery cups with the mural on it. The following picture shows Kevin adding some colour to the mural.

RETREAT Pillar: a week after the weather system hit Saskatchewan that caused havoc in so many plans the renovation is back on tract for the third floor attic space. I am including a video link here for a 5 minute update on what is happening up in this space. If you have not watched the video of the vison of the space for Elemental Claycation watch here....

The update video is here for you to watch

This week plumber, electrician, and more framing is happening! I'm so excited for this process as I am feeling I am getting closer and closer to getting the Elemental Claycation off the ground.

One more very exciting part of my business is that I have been chosen as a finalist for the Growth and Expansion Award from WESK (Women Entrepreneur of Saskatchewan) The WESK Gala will be May 17th in Regina and I am honoured to have been nominated and blown away to be a finalist.

This has been an exciting blog to write this week as I have things happening in each of my three business pillars; CREATE, TEACH, and CREATE. I still have to remind myself to stick to my day plannign and making sure I don't try and do too much at one time. Sometimes my superpower and sometimes my weakness.

Marea Olafson

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