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Ahhhh so cute!

So today my daughter and I decided to do a photo session with some of my pottery bowls and our two little kittens. Why? Last night her and I were scrolling through Instagram and saw pottery with kittens and thought, that looks so cool for pictures. I usually try to play around with taking pictures to highlight the pottery. Well this bowl can hold two kittens about 6 weeks old, so lots of room for serving a salad, or a big bowl of mashed potatoes! Gives you an idea of the size of the bowls I have in stock in the highway store.

I know you out in internet land would love to see some of my bowls on my online store. Know that I am working on getting inventory up in my highway store and working on trying to get some more items on my online store. My pottery is very popular and have had lots of traffic stopping at my highway store, as you can shop while social distancing. I provide hand sanitizer, and sanitize all high touch spots after each customer that stops. SO know that each piece is hand crafted and I am trying hard to produce quality pieces for all.

Now in June, I learnt a new lesson for my pottery business. My subscription boxes have become so popular that I sent out 80 boxes which is double the average that I have sent out over the past year. I am so honoured that people want my artwork and support my business. So for the August boxes, I am stepping up my production next week as I prepare for at least 80 boxes. For every 20 boxes that I sell, I will be giving a free pottery box to a grocery store worker that has been nominated by you. Our grocery store workers deserve a huge thankyou, so this way I can send a wee thank you on behave of you and me in such a strange time.

August boxes will be shipped out August 15th and the deadline to sign up for them is August 5th. Click here to order your August box!

This bowl is holding kitten named COVID and kitten named ADVENTURE. So come check out the Freba Pottery highway store on highway 16 to find a perfect bowl for your needs!

I am participating in a giveaway with a fellow artist at

Check out our instagram posts to see the charcuterie board with mini pottery bowls @mareaolafson or @cityrusticdesigns The draw requires you to follow us both, comment and share on each of our posts and share. The draw will be made from all participants on July 20th.

Take Care

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