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Which way is UP?

Seriously, I feel like I have been heading down ten roads at the same time, diving to the bottom of the lake, and wall climbing up a mountain all at the same time! I look back on the past three months and wonder which way is up? Now I am a half time teacher and half time potter and on March 16, became a full time home body with my family, my studio and the online supplemental learning that teachers were doing. I do believe many experienced such a shift with the lock down with covid-19 and now that things are opening up, but we still have precautions things still seem so strange.

SO in my pottery studio, I continued from March 16th till now to create and create and create. I launched a new website, and a thursday blog (which I am three days late this week, but decided I had to stick to the plan) and have doubled sales in the highway store as a result of some great interviews that happened the end of January and beginning of February. My subscription boxes have become incredibly popular, which I just love sending out the surprises. Also in the studio, I got a brand new kiln that was to help with firing capacity. BUT, this is where things in June have gone in so many directions. I had a wee disaster in the new kiln (kiln is fine and working again), but I lost a lot of product which slowed down shipping of boxes. I think the universe wanted to send me a message that more packing material is needed when shipping breakables through Canada Post. So some replacements are needed to ship out again.

As I write this blog, the kiln is firing, boxes are waiting to be filled and sent out tomorrow. I just finished throwing more product and my studio is beaming with pride! I have been incredible busy with wrapping up the school year, with having to go into the school for social distancing staff meetings, planning and collaboration. With the strange school year wrapped up, I hope the feeling of being pulled in many directions become one straight into the pottery studio.

I want to send a big thank you to everyone who has ordered online, who has stopped at the pottery store, or who is just following my blog. I am loving the growth of my pottery business, but with growth comes hiccups. I feel like i am getting the hiccups under control and I appreciate everyone for being patient.

This picture is not from a present June Subscription Box, but I thought it was appropriate to how the past month has been going. Things break, but you remake and send out and try, try again!

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