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Way too long

It has been way too long since I have blogged what is happening in my studio. This is because I have been in a creative juggling performance it seems. This blog I am going to write in a few sections as I have so much to share. For 2021, I decided my word needed to be PRACTISE to keep at the front of my mind. I have been living and breathing the act of practise in many areas.


My goal for February was to have all the pottery boxes out on February 15 on time. I was totally on track and seemed to be accomplishing it. What happened? I can't actually put my finger on it, but that I am allowing too many orders for each shipping. I was working 10-12 hours for the week before Feb 15th daily and was accomplishing great things. I had insight as I was busy packing the boxes and I realized that this creative has more than just the creator role. A box of clay enters my studio and I turn that clay into the finished pieces of pottery that go in the pottery boxes. I change my hat and silkscreen the boxes with Freba Pottery, build the boxes, print the orders, print the labels, organize each order and pack them into the boxes to ensure no breakage. I then haul the pottery boxes into the post office for shipping (or my incredible dad). When I started the pottery boxes in February 2019, I started with 25 boxes and figured I could handle more. With the launch of my website and the word of mouth of my pottery boxes I am now sending out 90-110 boxes every two months. BUT, they get sent out late and my stress level of orders hanging over my head cause me not to reach my full potential in my business. I have decided to switch the pottery boxes up moving forward. I will announce the changes this week. I am going to still do them, but make it more efficient and doable for this one person creative.


For the month of February, the school I teach at, had a fundraiser for the school and Telemiracle. We had to look at the project differently because of the pandemic, and set up a school wide goal meter with a large goal of hitting $5000.00 with the prize of a donated Freba Pottery cup personalized for every student, with hot chocolate...226 in total. The fundraiser ended the end of February and I figured the pottery boxes would be wrapped up and I could make the cups for the students if they hit their goal. The students came together and beat their goal, smashed their goal and ended up raising triple the funds they had set out to do; $16,400. My purpose of donating this prize was to allow me to practise my art form, while sharing my art with my students. To wear the art teacher hat and invite the artist of myself into the classroom so that the students could see someone living following their passion and creating art. In seven days, and many many hours of practise and creating, I was able to deliver the cups to all 226 students of Wynyard Elementary School. The gratitude of students and my creative soul has filled me up to only know I am on the right path in my creative journey.


February 1, 2021 I launched my Bee collection with the Bee Positive Mugs and Patio cups. As a result of the two projects above, the next one was delayed. My mid week the Bee Power will be launched. Stay tuned for the next part of my mug/patio cup collection. I am beyond excited for this month.

Thank you for all that support my art form online, and in my highway store. Without those that appreciate my pottery I would not have the problems of being too busy in the studio. My passion to create art and teach art is part of my soul. Stay Safe!

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