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There was so much planned...

I am a goal setter, a planner, a list maker and all around organizer of my life. I usually come up with lots of things I have to accomplish in my days and thus my week. Over the weekend, I had many Freba Mugs drying to be fired and into the store for Tuesday morning. The plan was going great until the room started spinning and the debilitating migraine hit when I needed to be glazing the mugs.

Whether I wanted to listen to my body or not, I had no choice, but to embrace the slowdown and nurse myself back from the migraine. Well this week, it was like I won the SLOWdown lottery, because my migraine lasted two full days. Wednesday morning, I woke up and I felt human again and began working on my plans of firing the large kiln full of Freba Mugs for the highway store. I have learnt over many years of migraines and creating pottery that they do not compliment each other and yet have to co-exist in my life.

That brings up a big part of my creative life that I strive for; balance. Let's just say it is always a work in progress. I have many plans of what I need to create, what I want to create and what I dream of having time to create some day. Running an artistic business I need to have inventory in both my highway store and now online store for the business aspect. Every once in awhile I just want to throw bowls, but I need to be throwing mugs and vice verse. Oh wait, I don't think I ever want to throw mugs over throwing bowls. I do think it is important to have something that you just want to create over and over and over again; BOWLS for me. And someday, my plans will be that I will create the dream sink bowl for my bathroom reno that I have dreamed of for many years.

As you can read, I always have so much planned and no matter what is planned, I truly love my creative business and know that people love using my functional pottery. If you are one of those people that have some of my pottery, you can now post my creations in use on my website gallery page. I will continue to plan great things for each day that is studio designated days, and if I get a migraine, both stores are open, just studio and plans are on hold!

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