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The squirrel showed up again this week!

Well not a real squirrel, but the squirrel in my brain who keeps switching jobs as fast as the last job was started. Just one of those weeks where I go down into my studio to fire a kiln and then all of a sudden I'm throwing on my wheel. Hey wait, I need to load that kiln. My studio has been busy but really I think a squirrel got loose!

SO I stepped on that squirrel's tail and got focused on some work today. I started throwing some bowls, my favourite thing to throw if you don't know, so that grounded me and let me really accomplish things. I have pieces drying for the kiln again tomorrow and after getting some more bowls thrown to build up my inventory for the highway store, I have a big project to get started on. Hmmmm....what is that big project?

I looked at the calendar and realized in one month I will be packaging subscription boxes to head out and provide some surprise joy to people across Canada and United States. Oh month...well I have a great plan up my sleeve, that I can't let you know til the boxes are delivered and opened. Honestly planning for the subscription boxes brings me pure JOY because I spend time thinking of what will people use it for on the day they open it and I always want an impact when they open the box.

My D.N.A. truly has some sort of "surprise gifting" gene. It makes me so happy to surprise people with joy, smiles and love. And with the past year doing the subscription box, every shipping month I realize how much this is in my D.N.A. What is even cooler is when I can surprise someone who didn't even know they were going to get something. I have many health care workers nominated for the June box and I can not wait to package up the boxes and send some out to some deserving people. So if you have some more deserving health care workers to nominate for receiving the June Subscription boxes send me a message.

So this May long weekend at home, with nice weather being predicted, I am going to work at keeping the squirrel at bay in my brain. Work in the studio throwing and give myself breaks outside thinking of the garden plans and use my new kiln many many times! I hope everyone has a great May long weekend and if you are near the highway store, stop in and see what I have been busy creating. Take care!

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