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Taking my Passion and IT IS happening!!!!

I took a huge risk in June 2021, when I hung up my teacher's hat for an artist hat. I knew in my heart it was a perfect move, but many others wondered if it would work out or was the right fit for me. There are still some big growing pains that happen with a complete pivot of your career, but I feel I am arriving at a spot that I can start to be proud of. In the fall of 2022, I defined my business into CREATE, TEACH, and RETREAT as you know and here is the update.

I have been incredibly busy on all fronts and am happy to report on the TEACH pillar. In the picture you will see an example of the tattoo cups I helped the students create to showcase and highlight the large 8'x8' mural they did with Kevin Pee-ace in the background. Nearly 250 cups have been made and next week the highschool students will complete their cups. As an artist going into the school I used to teach in, I have been filled with joy to see the students and to give them an opportunity to create something new from a piece of newsprint, underglaze and some clay. SO proud of this project and a huge thankyou to SK Arts Board with their financial commitment to getting artists into schools. This is my fifth Artist in Schools grant project from being a teacher to an artist and watching how students who sometimes struggle in other subjects get to shine through projects like this is so good for the soul.

RETREAT: well this massive project of renovating a 104 year old space is clipping along at a great pace. Insulation is done and drywall is up and moving along at a good pace. My dad and I have been doing a lot of the work, but we recognize where help is needed. We were going to hang the drywall and have the "mudder" do all the finishing. I recognized that Dad and I were getting exhausted and I made the decision to have the mudder hang the drywall as well. VERY good choice as there are more angles in that space than straight lines. A lesson was learnt last Sunday as well. The first cut of the day was the only cut of the day as my dad cut his fingers with the circular saw. Luckily, no fingers were lost and only stitches were needed on his middle and index fingers. Both dad and I knew two seconds before that things were not right, but couldn't stop it from happening. I will say though that my father has always set the depth of the saw blade for each material that he cuts and it is the best habit that paid off. The blade did not hit the bone of his fingers and that is because he follows safe saw behaviour. Oh wait how did his fingers get cut if he was follow safe saw behaviour, you ask? It was a silly mistake as a result of working too much, so we were reminded to slow down that day. BUT always set your blade height!!!!To get an update on what is happening in the attic space click here

CREATE: I am going to be going into the studio in the next day or two as I need to get some more peices made for the highway store and also for a few markets coming up. For those that love art of all kinds check out Art in the Garden happening near Langham June 10, 2023. a great line up of artists of all kinds. I will have my pottery for sale there as well.

Last year was an incredible day of music, great weather, great artist vendors and wonderful people.

Ok I best get moving and keep making it happen!!!

Marea Olafson

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