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Take your passion and make it happen!!!

Wow, I haven't blogged for a few weeks because I truly have been making it happen! The August subscription boxes hit an all time high in total being sent out...over a hundred boxes of Joy have gone around Canada and one down to the United States. My highway store has been incredibly busy to the point my inventory was so low I had to put up a makeshift sign apologizing for not being able to keep up with it.

I made the decision May 31, 2017, to go from full time teacher down to a half time teacher and a half time potter. My mantra since 2013 has been "Take your passion and make it happen!!!" and I have been focused on my art form equally as my teaching career. The past year I have made choices that has definitely increased my pottery career over my teaching career. I am so thankful that I am bringing my art/pottery passion to the level that I have dreamed of.

With such an increase in business both online and in the highway store, I have had to spend lots of time reflecting on how I do things and try to find a balance. If anyone truly knows me, balance is always a hopeful dream and just a wee bit out of my reach. I have in the past six months, changed my daily schedule in the studio, have embraced my children becoming my order organizer, my store and studio cleaners, my dad reclaiming clay and helping pack boxes. I have created a shipping station in my studio, I have a box packer for the subscription boxes, and my husband reminds me to take a break.

Now that being said, I still don't have an inventory in my store like I would like, or have more shapes on my online store. I am learning though that I am still growing my pottery business and refining my art form. I am learning that when I am feeling tired, a nap is a perfect fix. I am learning that sometimes a sign in the highway store is needed so that my customers know that it is me, my own hands that are creating each piece of pottery. I am learning not to beat myself up if I don't reach my expectations for the day in the studio. All these learnings are necessary so that as I am turning my passion into "it happening" it doesn't have to happen in one week. Don't get me wrong though...I still sometimes keep trying!

So lets get caught up on some paperwork for Freba Pottery for August subscription boxes. I said that for every 20 boxes I would send a box to a grocery store worker nominated by you. I have received many nominations for health care workers as well. I am going to do a mix of grocery store and health care workers. Through the past 6 months these particular people have made a difference for my customers. So the people receiving the boxes this month will be Albert from Wynyard Co-op, Ashley Salikin, Rhonda Hawkins, Kirsten McFarlane and Bailey Schaeffer. I will be reaching out to them the next few days so they can pick their colour choice and I can send them a box of Joy containing pottery.

I want to say that the August subscription boxes were very popular so I suggest that you get your order in for the October boxes sooner than later. I am heading back into the school to teach half time in the next few weeks, so I will be capping the October boxes to 100 for October so that I can ensure I can do the orders.

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