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Oh My...beginning to look a lot like Winter!!!!!

It is white outside, with hoarfrost and the snow from the storm this past weekend, I am going to hermit in my studio and create. I have set a deadline of December 1st for the December boxes to go out, which means I have 22 days to get 100 boxes ready. I am committing to have 100 boxes packed and ready to go to the post office on the the 1st. Now, I know that changes the deadline for some people for purchasing the subscription boxes but I will take orders till December 1st. I will have those pieces bisque fired, just waiting to hear what colour they need to get glazed and will go out shortly after. So my studio is going to be buzzing the next 22 days, so get your order in.

Why am I switching up the mail date? Sooooo many reasons, I have struggled to get the August and October boxes all out on time and it has stressed me out, which I don't like. So instead of stressing myself after the deadline, I am moving the deadline forward and will be crossing the 22 days off on the calendar and have 100 boxes ready. I want to get my studio back on track! The other reason is that Canada Post will be getting an incredible amount of parcels during this season and want them sent out as soon as possible, so I will oblige. It is also Christmas season and these subscription boxes I am very incredible to send out. I am proud of this box even more than the others, and I was proud of them then too.

I have added my new colour: Lakefront to the December subscription box. The image in this Studio Stories is an example of that colour. I fell in love when I opened the kiln.

2020 has proved to be an incredible, strange, unusual, unsettling, unpredictable, and so many other words. I launched my website in April shortly after COVID shut down and what an incredible addition to my creative business. My highway store has been incredible busy this year, which is humbling that an honour system on a main highway in the middle of Saskatchewan can work. My plan is to have my highway store full from now until December 7th with lots and lots of inventory for everyone's showing experience.

December 7, 2020 - January 7, 2021 I will be working on a personal pottery project and will not be working on inventory for the store. I will tell more about my project until after December boxes are shipped, and the highway has plenty of inventory for holiday gift giving. I love big goals and will get back into showing up in studio stories every Thursday as I had planned prior to life getting crazy.

Lakefront colour combo...the newest choice in the December pottery box!

If you are wanting to order the December Pottery Box click here

Stay Safe and warm!

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