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MAY I add another product?

Oh it is May 1st and I would like to introduce you to the Bee collection new product! BEE POWER...I had actually started working on this Bee mug and cup in March, but for many reasons I waited until today to launch it. Today the only product that is available will be the Bee POWER Patio cups, with the Bee POWER mug coming online in a few days as stock is finished.

When I decided to do BEE POWER I asked my friend Tricia Reed, who also with her family have bees if she could write a few sentences about Bee power. She nailed the power of a bee!

When an insect the size of your thumbnail sends you running for cover, you know it’s powerful, but the sting isn’t the most formidable thing about a honeybee. Even more astounding is what they do for their hive, for the earth, and for a piece of toast with butter. Did you know it takes about 10 million blossoms to make 1 pound of honey? And that the average hive produces an excess of 130 pounds of honey, besides what they need to make it through the winter? Nothing about this is simple, especially when a single bee generates only a fraction of a teaspoon of honey her entire career. In order to produce abundance, bees cooperate. They work together to keep the hive at just the right temperature (32-35 degrees Celsius), whether in the depths of winter or in the heat of summer. Bees are also great communicators. They tell each other where the best flowers are by doing special dances, indicating direction and distance. And in the process of gathering nectar, bees pollinate millions of flowering plants which leads to the fruit and vegetables on our plates. So raise your new clay cup to honey, blossoms, and collaboration! Cheers to BEE POWER!

Tricia Friesen Reed

These Patio cups are great for hot and cold drinks and are $22 on the website. There will be some in the highway store as well. My whole purpose of the Bee collection is to be subtle, but still bringing some education about Bees.

As I am working on completing the Bee POWER Mugs, I am also working on the May Pottery Boxes. I changed the amount of pottery boxes I send out by allowing 50 boxes each month. You can gift yourself or friends and family. It will ship out on May 15th via Canada Post. You can purchase the May box at as well as the other monthly boxes.

The past few months, I have realized that myself the "Queen Bee" of Freba Pottery needs her hive of family to help keep me creating and working with me so that I can create new pieces as well as keep the highway store going strong!

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