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It's the final countdown....

There are only six days left to order and pay for the August Subscription Pottery Box and I am busy throwing for the pieces for it. Now, the June box was late going out and I ended up having to replace some shipping breakages. No one likes to open a box of pottery that is broken, but my packing person and myself have been working on improving our packing protocol. Fingers crossed. And truly, it is what it is to ship pottery across the country.

So as I am busy preparing for August 15 shipping date, I have also been very busy trying to get the highway store full of pottery for all my traffic that stops in. And if you are passing by, there are many Freba Mugs in there. What is a Freba Mug? It is a big mug with a handle, that is so great for a cup of coffee or tea. I myself love a huge mug to drink out of so I create very large mugs to support my love of big mugs. I have found that the Freba Mug is very popular and it doesn't take long for 50 mugs to be sold. In my last week blog, I was complaining about how I was not getting the handles on the mugs, well I'm starting to like them again.

Now in Saskatchewan, we have had an incredible heat wave the past few days. That does not stop this potter and the kiln firing. I bisque fire in the bin, where I have three kilns and glaze fire in the basement under my kitchen. SO in plus 30 temperatures, I have "in floor heating"!!! You know that feeling on Christmas morning of anticipation and opening a gift, well I get that feeling when I am opening a kiln. So sweating from heat, or using the heat in the winter to keep the chill off...opening a kiln is absolutely amazing!

Reflecting on the June pottery box, I decided to share a picture shared from a dear friend and customer of the June subscription box. I usually show the pile of boxes to keep the surprise alive, but so many loved the June box, I thought I would show you what was in them and you can dream of the pieces I will put in for August! June box was a Sangria Pitcher, with two patio cups and a mini bowl. Those that had got the box the year before, received a shallow large bowl for their patios, with two more patio cups and of course a mini bowl.

Click here to sign up for the August subscription box

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