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It's launch time...

And when one launches a new experience that has been in designing and creating mode for a year one wants to celebrate. So I have teamed up with Kyla at Back 2 Nature Wellness to bring her Sauna Luna for the first Claycation launch weekend. It will be no extra cost to the retreat experience, but I believe will help with your experience. When you spend long hours in the studio a relaxing break in a sauna I think will elevate your weekend. So pictured above is Kyla with her sauna that will be visiting the weekend of October 20-22, 2023.

I met Kyla last year while working on the Achieving Awesome course through Tourism Saskatchewan and truly felt this would be a great fit. I want to offer this "add-on" free to the group that books the first claycation. If it is as amazing as I envision then I will offer it to subsequent groups as a paid add on that they can choose to have happen. So if you have been thinking of getting a group together the first claycation would be the best date to pick!

I will assure you that the first claycation will not be a test run for my experience. I have spent the past few months, while finishing renovations prototyping and testing every part of the experience. Lets talk food...Adrienne and I have talked the menu, we have taste tested numerous times, we have had prototyping meals to see how it will all function in my house, my itinerary and my vision for the food. I want the food to be talked about, but not take away from the creating and connecting. I have a food allergy of gluten and going to group settings food is always a concern. So Adrienne and I have designed the menu so that any allergy we are made aware of the food addresses that and also the person won't be feeling "Oh I wish I could have what my friend is having and not this allergy safe food" Adrienne makes allergy safe food that is amazing to eat and no one feels cheated because they have an allergy or preference.

Let's talk the space in the third floor attic...designing this space there was so much discussion. the dormer height...don't want anyone to be annoyed because the ceiling is too low, or the light is distracting, or we can hear everyone using the bathroom. I have slept in every bed in the space to make sure that I know what it going to be like for my guests. Yes I have been Goldilocks! For example the one bed is situated so that the yard light shines in the east windows and right into the bed in the south west corner. I don't have curtains up in the windows, but I don't want the guest in that bed sleeping with a beam of light hitting them. So I have been problem solving and ensuring each bed is the best space.

Let's talk itinerary...I have done test run of people arriving on the Friday night and landing in the attic space and then doing a small Friday night project...runs smoothly. I have tested the food dance with just me in the studio. That just means that I have to ensure the food Adrienne prepared can be served with little work for myself as I am also teaching in the studio for you.

I could go on and on about everything I have tested and retested for this experience. Please know that if you choose to come to the launch Elemental Claycation I am not testing the idea out on you, you will receive the same attention to detail that the April Claycation will receive. So get your friends or family together and come help me launch the first dates October 20-22, 2023 with Back 2 Nature Wellness Sauna experience to celebrate all my hard work to get my experience up and running!

Marea Olafson

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