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It is pottery box month!

October brings the fall colours, the cool days and another pottery box is shipping out on the 15th. The deadline to sign up for the pottery box is here, so quickly get your orders in so that I can ensure I get enough pieces made. When I created, the pottery box subscription program I wanted to send out pottery in the mail and surprise people with their pieces. I have accomplished that so many times over. When covid hit, I decided for every 20 boxes sold that I would send a free box to an essential worker, so please send your nominations in for the free boxes. Health care worker, grocery store worker, or a teacher are all welcome.

I'm excited for the next 5 days, because I will be up to my elbows in clay and creating in my studio. I work 3 days in a row in the elementary school teaching a locally developed course called PLANT, which is physical movement, literacy, arts ed, numeracy teaching. It is through this that I get to inspire and teach children to find their own passions and create. Then I have three days in the studio (and sometimes weekends) to really harness my own creativity.

The studio will be buzzing with subscription box creating and packing so I can get them out for October 15th. Thankyou for supporting my artistic business and also allowing me to share my thoughts through email and blogs.

If you are still wanting to order an October pottery box, please get your order in soon.

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