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Isn't it Shiny?

Wow, only a week since my website launched completely and my pottery career has changed so much! Is it possible for so much to happen in one week? Well let me tell you, it has been an incredible journey of making my passion happen even more! I want to again thank everyone who has signed up for my newsletter and used the online web store, I am honoured to be supported by so many people in my pursuit of my passion.

So lets do the top 10 ten things that have happened at Freba Pottery in the past week. I will list it in chronological order!

1. Website launches and I set a goal to have 15 orders by the end of the weekend as a result of the launching.

2. My website designer thought that my goal should just be 10 orders by the end of the weekend.

3. Threw 40 patio cups on the wheel and trimmed them in a eight hour window.

4. Put handles on 40 Freba Mugs (I still have more to put handles on)

5. So many people stopping at the highway store and loving the new display system.

6. Had 10 orders in 24 hours from the website launching...blew #2 of this list out of the water

7. By the end of the first weekend, hit 15 orders on my website...YEAH! I love crushing goals

8. Went to unload my kiln Tuesday morning and there was a fail on the computer screen, needed a new thermocoupler, luckily was having to go to Saskatoon that day so got one.

9. While ordering the Thermocoupler, my husband says why don't we get that new kiln we have been looking at for I have my first new kiln - it is SO SHINY!

10. All orders have been shipped except for the subscription boxes!

WOWZERS, pottery was crazy this past week and I was still doing school work, and also family commitments! I do get to report that I have sold enough June subscription boxes that I will be sending out one free one to a health care worker. Keep in mind every 20 subscription boxes sold I am sending a subscription box free to health care workers nominated by you. So share the subscription box and nominate healthcare workers so I can gift some joy in June. Thank you for supporting my passion of making pottery!!!

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Jane Margot
Jane Margot
May 08, 2020

What an amazing week!! Congrats. I can hardly wait for my new wine mugs.

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