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I Like Big Mugs!

I like making big mugs, I like using big mugs, I like when people love the big mugs that I make. Today I was working on making big mugs by throwing the body of it and tomorrow morning I will put handles on them. I have 20 days to throw pottery for 100 pottery boxes, and fill my highway store and online store with pottery for everyone's shopping needs. WOWZERS, I always set big goals with short deadlines. How will I accomplish this huge goal on the short deadline?

I will practice my artform everyday, is how! I have made my throwing list of what has to be accomplished and just have to get myself in the studio and on the wheel. I have been working in the studio and each day throwing pieces. Today mugs and something for the December boxes. The one thing I know to be true in these strange pandemic times, is that if I am on my pottery wheel working on the list that needs to be thrown, I can accomplish my goal. The other part of my practice is that I do multiples of the same shape over and over. This may seem boring, but honestly it makes me proud to be able to throw the same shape over and over. I like to play a little game with myself...time myself...can I get faster and more efficient? More practice of course, but could that become boring? I have set up my creative business to have variety every other month.

I have found that being the lone artist in the studio I have to keep the fun in the production aspect of the artform. The pottery boxes every two months allows me to come up with something different than what I have in the highway store regularly. The part of the boxes I love the most is the anticipation of people getting the boxes.

When I started this website and to write a blog once a month on Thursdays back in April, little did I know how busy I would get in the studio and that sometimes I wouldn't get to the blog. Two days ago, I wrote a blog and sent out the newsletter to everyone and committed to my creative business, in the studio and on my website. So I am on track and I think the big mugs will like to get into the highway store by the end of the weekend, with great handles.

If you have not subscribed to the December Pottery Box, the deadline is December 1st to sign up, but know that they also ship that day too.

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