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How could anyone sleep tonight?

I know I won't be able to sleep tonight, as I will be trying to think of how to launch the new website, the way it deserves to be launched! do I launch a website that I have been dreaming of for a few months?

1. You start with sending out your weekly newsletter and you create your blog post for the week!

2. You flood all your friends email, facebook, instagram, text with "hey check out my website"

3. I will keep checking my social media accounts and my email and see who has looked at my site and do a happy dance with any comments or shares.

4. Realize that you have now opened an online store to coincide with a highway store and you best get creating more and more and more and more!

5. Send copious "Thank you" messages to my Web designer from Prairie Rising Productions; Nathan Puffalt and tell him how it is all going! Check out his other work!

Now that you have got my to do list for my launch of my website tomorrow, I need to explain why I have gone down this path. Before COVID19, I had been thinking of doing the website because of doing an online business course called B-School with Marie Forleo and realized that this would be the next phase of my pottery business. So many people ask if I have a website, but honestly I kept saying I couldn't keep up with what I am doing. What I realized is that it wasn't that I couldn't keep up, I did not want to spend the time learning how to make a good website and keep managing it. I did website design about 10 years ago in some of my classroom teaching, but I didn't want to relearn the "new" ways. I also saw the website as a tool to make my subscription boxes easier to market and more streamlined! I tried to decide who would design my website and realized that the perfect fit would be Nathan because I could tell from his documentary Essence and his own website it would be a perfect fit! So, I took the plunge and I think you will agree that I have a fabulous website to highlight my pottery and my highway store!

I seriously don't know what to share in studio stories today because I'm so excited about the website. I have been working super hard on throwing Freba mugs, red wine cups, patio cups, and tea tumblers so that I have inventory for the online store. I will admit that 2020 has been the year of embracing putting handles on mugs and I am starting to like doing it! For those that know me, know that is a big statement. I love my big mugs and I know many people do as well, so you create what people want. Thank you to everyone who supports my passion for pottery by sharing my website, telling your friends about my highway store, and/or just reading my studio stories and smiling!

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