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Four human hands and 400 honeybees

When a beekeeper reaches out to you to collaborate, I say YES! I am excited to share the latest new project I have been working on. Allison Polinsky from Polinsky Honey from Theodore, SK has been my honey lady for many years and came up with an idea to make pottery cups with beeswax candles in them. Well the practise of making 226 cups for the students at WES for their fundraising reward had me ready to do this project. Also since I seem to have started a Bee collection an even better collaboration happened.

The past few weeks, Allison and I have been texting with various candle commenting. She did all the pouring and then together we have burn tested together (I didn't want to be left out) to ensure the wick was the right one. Today she delivered some back to me and I have some in the highway store and some on the online store. I am so excited with this project. As an artist, especially during a pandemic I have become a lone creator in my studio. This project has allowed two makers to come together and create a product that fits in with both of our creative ventures.

I am also busy packing up April boxes and all should be shipped Monday. Again a few days late, but the good news is that only two shipping days late. I am feeling much better than how I was in March and the creative therapy has been so good for my soul. I am working towards building inventory for both stores now that the pieces for the April boxes are created.

Please check out the video of Allison and I outside the pottery store showing off our collaboration.

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