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Unearthing The Power Of Pottery: A Recap Of A Transformative Week

Updated: Mar 4

The past week has been a whirlwind of incredible moments and experiences. Last week in my blog post I talked about the upcoming interview on CBC Blue Sky with Leisha Grebinski on Thursday. Well that interview was so fantastic to be a part of. She interviewed Natalie Waddell one of the judges from The Great Canadian Pottery Throwdown, then myself and then two potters from down in Eastend from Whitemud Studio and Widdershins Pottery. I love to talk and share my love of pottery and honestly that is what that 45 minutes was all about...just sharing our love of pottery.

pottery handmade ceramics
Marea Olafson on CBC Blue Sky

I said in the interview that I would take each challenge from The Great Canadian Pottery Throwdown and do them in my studio myself. I have my plan for the first challenge ready to execute this upcoming weekend and will work on the challenge put out this Thursday. Next week I will show off the creations...I just need some more time for last weeks challenge because I hosted the February Elemental Claycation this past weekend and not back in my studio creating as I scheduled rest time. If you missed the interview here are links to the Radio episode and the Youtube video

So after that interview, I got prepared for February Elemental Claycation! Sunday morning, while I was waiting for the guests to come down for breakfast I sent a message to a group of my friends saying "I am in awe of this experience and I feel honoured to be able to do this." When I got this idea in Summer 2022, I dreamed that it would be good. I now am living the dream and I personally feel it is spectacular. This experience didn't just happen with just my idea and work. I have since coming up with the idea have spent hours upon hours looking for "plussing" for the experience. Elemental Claycation is a result of all my friends, my family, Tourism Sask, all the trades people, and all the guests to the level it is now.

This experience is not a copy of something else, it truly is unique because of this house, because of having other small businesses highlighted in the space, because of my 25 years teaching experience, because of my 20 years of pottery creation and teaching, because of rural Saskatchewan landscapes, because of all the little touches and plusses. On Sunday afternoon, when the guests left I sat on the couch and just digested the whole weekend. My goal is for people who come to have an amazing experience and the secondary goal that I realize that is happening each time is that my creative cup is getting filled up. I love connecting with people and this pillar of my business allows me to connect on such a deep level with each guest.

So upon reflection of the past week, I have been able to connect with so many people through pottery that makes me just love "this little life of mine" March dates for Elemental Claycation is set as a "meet your new best friends" if you want to come experience it as an individual or a friend and you...there are 5 spots still available.

Marea Olafson

Freba Pottery


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