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Clear as Mud!

The new year always comes with reflection and planning and setting goals. Well my planning for 2023, started a few months ago as I was busy in a few online courses through WESK and Tourism Saskatchewan. I have created a "desk" in my studio for my idea dumping, my reflection and my planning for my artistic travels. At my desk I am surrounded by my girls art, their pictures, plants, candles, fun pens and lots of large brown paper for all my ideas.

Well today I want to share that I think I have planned out 2023 for Freba Pottery as clear as mud. I think fitting because I spend so much time in clay. No matter how many times you look at the plans, there will always be changes and always be hiccups positive and sometimes not so positive. I have decided to break my business into three silos; CREATE, RETREAT, and TEACH. I am only going to share in this blog the CREATE part. I create wheel thrown functional pottery and sell it out of the honour system highway store and other venues around the province as well as online. One thing I have learned is that I need a throwing plan and that I need to change up my online store. I have done monthly pottery boxes for a few years, but as a result of me being so busy in other areas of creating and filling store shelves, this is not as easy anymore. I appreciate so much all the support with the mystery boxes over the past four years, but I have decided to not continue offering them. I do have some other ideas brewing for my online store.

For January and February I have partnered with to offer a one time box that she has curated with two of my pottery mugs and other Canadian companies. This is a curated box company that I met through my WESK course and I believe this box is exactly what people need for February. We are promoting as a Valentine's Box "Be Mine" as it has items in it that would be a great gift for a couple to share. You can see what is in the box and purchase it at the button below. The box will be shipped out February 1, 2023 and has a presale price of $125.00. There are going to be only 100 boxes sold and on February 1, 2023 if there are any unsold boxes the price will go up. So get your box ordered so that you don't miss out. I am busy making the mugs now and we will be packing all the boxes soon.

The other parts of the CREATE silo of my business is that I am working on filling my highway store as December had many sales, but also I was sick and wasn't creating. I will be restocking venues around the province and the highway store so that the end of January there is a lot of pottery creations for your shopping pleasure. In February I will be working on a new project that I am so excited about for my production of my pottery....but you will just have to wait to see what it is!

I am excited about all the pottery things I have brewing and love that I have found a spot in my studio that I can flesh out ideas, or just let them sit until a time I can work on them.

Marea Olafson

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