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Breathe from the bottom of my toes!

It is July, and wow finally a moment to breathe and not feel completely overwhelmed with all that has to be done in the studio. Am I caught up? No! But I feel I can breathe and join the family at the lake for a few days to relax and recharge. Now nothing negative about the whirlwind I call the past month of creating. Truly the opposite!

I sent out over 80 paid subscription boxes, with a few replacements because of breakage through shipping. As a result, I sent out 4 free subscription boxes to health care workers that were nominated by you. I have been doing the pottery boxes for a year and a half and my average was 40 boxes and I was hoping through the website that I could increase my customer base, and it worked! So many boxes left my studio and provided joy to so many people! I have loved watching the shipping notices come through my emails.

Now with all the boxes going out, I also had some issues with my new kiln. Good news it is all fine and many lessons learnt as I prepare for the August Pottery box. Also in this past month, I wrapped up duties as a teacher at school, advocating for my grandma as she moved into long term care, trying to keep stock in the highway store, being a mom and wife, trying to keep the house clean (for real, I gave up on this long time ago) and I have successfully got a garden growing with some great vegetables.

This summer we decided to rent a cabin at Fishing Lake for a week and get away to relax. My calendar in my head thought it was July 13th first day, well I was wrong that is the second last day that we are at the lake. So I was stressed, rushing around trying to get caught up. This morning I was in my studio throwing and I decided to just randomly throw some large bowls. I tell you this, because this was my therapy, my release, my sitting at a lake doing nothing. It was not work, it was pure calm going throughout my body, because it was just throwing my favourite shape; bowls with no expectation of what had to come out.

So I am now sitting at the lake with my family at peace as I take a break from the studio, house, store, and everyday demands of living on an acreage. I have 30 bowls drying in my studio and I am back on track to blogging on my pottery website this thursday! Ahhhhh the deep breathe from my bottom of my toes has happened and I am so excited for a few days of sun, sand and deck before I prepare for the August pottery boxes!

If you want to subscribe to the August Pottery box go to so you can get a box of my creations!

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