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An Artist Life...

When I was little, I would create with my grandfather, my grandmother and my Amma many different things. Each one of them had the ability to do many things that I loved to explore and create beside them. I also had a strong aunt and uncle group that also encouraged my creativity and let me explore many different mediums. I became an art teacher, which was my prediction in my grade 12 yearbook. I always said that I got to share my passion of art with my students, and still get to dabble at home. It wasn't until I took up wheel thrown pottery that the dream of being called an artist landed in my heart.

In 2003, I began my wheel throwing classes and realized that I had officially found my artistic calling. Ok lets be honest it wasn't the first set of classes, but after numerous series I realized that my love of pottery was more than just a hobby. I received my first pottery wheel for Christmas and honestly since then I have been practicing to have a career as a potter ever since. I do believe, each day in the studio now is still me practicing to become a "real" artist. I say this, because to accept that I have got to that point of "real" artistry in my mind means I have made it. I still think I am on my way and still spend days working on becoming better.

I am working on the goals of creating and following my plans for the pottery boxes, the highway store and the various places that inquire about my pottery. I am still teaching 50% and instilling the love of creativity and art into the elementary students I teach now so that I can pursue the artist career. There are some days that I wish to be full time potter, and I know that will happen someday. Right now I have to balance to two, which I do find fills up both of my careers. I think it is important to love what you do and have it make an impact in people's lives.

I hope my highway business of the honour system does make an impact in people in that I trust them and I believe people are good. Having faith in human beings is such an important thing in our Erin Richard, Val Mohan, LeeAnn Corson and Crystal McIver. I will be contacting them to have them choose their colour box. I have a trick up my sleeve for giving back with my December boxes 100 times, but I will let that be a surprise later.

I will be sending out December Pottery Boxes on December 1st and I am happy to say that I am half way to having 100 boxes done today. So a lot more throwing, but on track! YEAH!!!!

Click here to order your December Pottery Box:

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