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A tiny impact...

As everyone has been affected by the pandemic and so many people have many various degrees of impact on society through their work, their caring and their going above the call a duty I wanted to spread the love in December. For June, August, October I asked for nominations of people who made an impact in you my followers lives to receive a free box. I decided for December that I would let subscribers pass the love and appreciation around. I have heard from many different people who loved the tiny expression of sharing their appreciation. I love hearing the stories and finding how people have shared my pottery.

I have been in the studio the past week, with a two day weather migraine last week, but am busy working on mugs for the store. As I have been throwing on the wheel, I have also been thinking of the February subscription box and what I am including in the box. This will be the third subscription box I send out in February. In 2019, I sent out 25 boxes and was so thrilled with the project. In 2020, I sent out 45 boxes and so excited that the word spread of the pottery boxes. Now in 2021, the boxes are still on sale until February 1, 2021. They will ship out on the 15th.

Shipping has been a challenge in various ways the past few shipments of pottery boxes. I ship with Canada Post and sometimes Purolator, but as we all know the shipping demands of online shopping has really made shipping longer. I do have to admit that the past few shipment delays were because of production delays. I have realized that I have to stick with deadlines that I set for purchasing or else I end up biting off more than I can choose. SO on February 1st at midnight I will shut down the purchasing of the boxes.

Hmmm...what else can I share with what is happening in my studio? I set a huge goal a few weeks ago for Freba Pottery...make 2100 mugs in 2021. One thing about me is that I set HUGE goals. So break this goal down into a small bite; 200 mugs a month? Now that is douable I think. Stay tuned to me reaching the goal and playing around with some new mug shapes.

The picture shows what I included in the December pottery box and will continue for the 2021 pottery box shipping. If you want to purchase a February pottery box click here

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