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A change is happening!

So this past year, I adjusted my subscription boxes to go out every month. The thinking for this change was to limit the amount of boxes to 50 per month and that I would be more successful on shipping on time. As I type this, I need to own that this was not the case. Last week in Studio Stories, I announced that I would ship out the Monday November 8, 15, 22 and 29. And for December I would ship out December 6 and the 13th. This change is to get a routine of shipping every week rather than it being only once a month.

I have changed my name for this product as well on my website: Mystery Box rather than a subscription box. I realized this week that what I need to do in November and December is to create a system that allows me to be successful and able to ship my pottery on time. I am going to see how the next two months go for this product. I also have decided that what this box has been is not a subscription as I don't lock you in for the box, but allow you to pick what month you want it for. So trying to streamline my creative systems I am adjusting this product. That being said I am only shipping 20 boxes/week. If you have not ordered by the Friday before shipping Monday it will go out the next Monday! Clear as mud? I hope so!

This past week in my studio I have been wrapping up some projects, throwing replacement pieces from shipping breakage and some quiet reflection on some new projects. My focus for November and December is to create a routine for the Mystery Boxes and the shipping and keeping the highway store full so that you can come shop the honour system. I am truly honoured to have created a venue with great creative items that show how great people our in our world!

Stay safe!

Marea Olafson

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