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Freba Pottery

Community Mini Mug project

Embark on an epic adventure with four intrepid potters as we unite to spread joy across Saskatoon and beyond!  Armed with creativity and camaraderie, we've hidden 40 mini mugs, each a treasure waiting to be discovered, in the nooks and crannies of beloved local coffee shops and small businesses.


Will you join the quest to uncover these hidden gems and add a dash of magic to your day?

Steps to Participate

Step One

Step Two

Step Three

Follow all the Four Potters: Keep up with us on Instagram to stay in the loop! Follow our accounts to join the Mini Moments adventure.

Capture the Moment: Take a selfie with your newfound mini mug and share it on Instagram to your stories. Don't forget to tag the four potters and use the hashtag #MiniMugMoments  Show love to the business you found it in by tagging them as well.  That way we know the mug travels.

Move the Mini Mug: Pay it forward by taking the mini mug and it's coaster and place it in another small business. Watch on Instagram at #MiniMugMoments to see who finds it. I wonder if the mini mugs will tour past Saskatoon after highlighting many small businesses?

YOU AREN'T on SOCIAL MEDIA???  Just take a selfie with the mini mug and email it to and tell me where you found it.  We will do the rest. 

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