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Honour system expansion...

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

SO if you have been in my highway store along highway 16 you have experienced the honour system. I was inspired because of a trip on Denman Island in 2003 to many pottery studios, one in particular that was run on the honour system. When we moved back to Wynyard in 2013, we build the highway store and I have been running it for 10 years. As years have passed and covid19 happened the store is always run on the honour system. It works, people can shop without me hovering and I can keep creating. I do recognize people want to meet the artist and I love meeting new people, but with so much on my plate it works great.

I was reminded a few weeks ago about my three goals when I started the honour system. 1. have someone buy when I wasn't there 2. have a motorcyclist stop on the motorcycle and purchase 3. have a semi stop and purchase. That has all happened, numerous times over. I do a few markets and have always thought I should try on the honour system too. Lets change how things are done. SO this past weekend at Tiger Lily Market at the Remai Modern Art Gallery in Saskatoon I set up the honour system at a market. I had three goals again. 1. sell something when not at my booth 2. connect with all the creatives in the market 3. be able to step into an art exhibition at the Remai. I accomplished all three.

Did I sell out at the market, no. I went into this market deciding to change how I do markets, so was it worth it...absolutely. I always feel awkward at a market doing small talk to try and get someone to buy my pottery. People don't need me hovering while they are shopping and trying to decide what they want, just like at the highway store. People so want help of course and my system is different than how it has always been done. I had a picture of me and so when I was wondering around talking with creatives people still could connect me with the booth. I didn't make it to every booth to make a connection with each creative, but I got to about 80%. So many passionate people and I created at least 6 collaborations for my business and also just talked creating and digging deeper into conversations than "nice day out" conversations.

My last market for the season is this weekend at TCU Place in Saskatoon and I look forward to my new three goals for this market. 1. sell double what I did at Tiger Lily on the honour system 2. create a new project with two other potters (you will have to wait to see) 3. have a conversation with each vendor at the market at least once in the market (conversations not salutations) I love coming up with goals that are fun and not tied into the bottom line.

Elemental Claycation: there are still three spots available for the January dates for you to come and make your new best friends. March is the next one available for your group to book in.

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