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Unboxing Happiness: The Thrill of Opening a Mystery Box

Updated: Feb 29

The feeling of Christmas morning of unwrapping a gift is magical. I love gifting to people and decided that having a mystery box allows me to gift to the buyer. I as the creator will make 3-4 pieces of functional pottery that has some sort of a theme and the buyer gets to pick the glaze colour. I had a customer say that unboxing a mystery box was "unleashing pure joy". I also feel the mystery box allows someone to build a collection of my pottery, but doesn't need to make a decision of what items they receive.

handmade pottery
How I sign my pottery pieces

Every piece of pottery that I create are signed with my initials M (marea) and an O (olafson) around the M. I don't use a stamp, but use a needle tool to literary sign each item. My Amma did pottery for many years at a local potter's studio and she signed it similarly N with an O around it. I am connected to my Amma by signing my pottery the same.

As the artist creating the "theme" for each month, I think of new shapes I want to explore that might become regular shapes to sell in the highway store. I offer three glaze combinations at this point for people to choose from. If purchasing a few months of pottery boxes you will be able to have same glaze combinations that match each other.

Marea Olafson

Freba Pottery


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