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Back in the studio!

This weekend I got back into the studio since Christmas! I had planned to work on a personal pottery project in December and beginning of January, but the studio was too busy to step away. So I put in incredible hours in the studio creating, packing and shipping in until December 24th and then took a deep breathe. Thank you so much to everyone that ordered a December pottery box, ordered mugs, red wine cups and stopped at the highway store.

I appreciate all the patience of the parcels arriving via Canada Post. I know that I shipped out three times of what I shipped last year, so if all businesses that ship increased three times only our Canada Post employees deserve a raise, and perhaps a holiday sometime. There were some breakages, but I believe part of that was that the pottery boxes were out in shipping limbo for so long and who really knows what they had to go through!

You my customers, make me so happy to create and share my pottery skills with. I will be honest though that it took me some work to get back into the pottery studio the past few days, because I needed some inspiration. Without any planning, I found the inspiration by working on a rug hook image to show my grade 6 students as an example, while watching Blown Away on Netflix. (see picture) Blown Away is a contest of glass blowers. I love blown glass art, but have never done it myself. That combination truly was the medicine my art soul needed, as Sunday morning I woke in the dark and wanted to go into the studio. So Awesome!

I am working on building up my inventory in my highway store right now, as it was busy and has limited pieces. I am also going to be starting the February Subscription Box pieces. The February box is on sale until February 1, 2021 with the boxes going out February 15th. There are 8 colours to choose from and usually between 3-4 pieces to surprise you and build up your pottery collection. Instead of taking nominations for free pottery boxes, I started sending a little package in each box in December for you to gift to someone you think have made an impact during the pandemic.

Stay Safe!

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