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I created many mugs for The Homesick Market in Saskatoon and the highway store is full with these 4 linear mugs and the fat bottom mug in the background is also available. The third pillar of my business is CREATE and I was busy working on mugs in March. As I am busy working on the renovations in the third floor of our house, I am also busy working on pieces for another Stressed Out Mamas box for Mother's day. Go visit her website to learn more. I will also be creating more for the highway store.

An update on the Elemental Claycation today as well, the RETREAT! The electrician has all the old 104 year old wiring updating in the first and second floor and is going to be starting on wiring the attic space this week. The fireplace that will provide the heat in the space is getting picked up next sunday and the plumbers are here next Monday and will be installing the fireplace and replacing the stack and all the drainage for the waterworks. I'm so excited to see all this coming together.

The third pillar of TEACH is on pause until May as the first part of the Artists in Schools grant has to happen first. The students and teachers will start working on the mural after Easter. The students have all submitted their own drawings and ideas to Kevin Pee-ace and he has the job of compiling them and coming up with the two mural images. I again can barely wait for the design to be released.

So if you are traveling down highway 16, stop by my highway store as there are lots of mugs. I will be working on bowls of various sizes!!!!

Marea Olafson

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