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The house isn't hot enough!

It seems that I usually fire a kiln in my studio on the hottest day of the summer. Well today was hot and the humidity was out of this world. I got a kiln going early this morning and had to throw on the wheel with a large fan blowing on me, because the studio was heating up. Tonight as I sit in the livingroom, my house is very warm, but the house will cool off and there will be some great pieces coming out of the kiln. Oh did I say that we do not have air conditioning in our 100 year old house, but when you suck up power for your art form, you don't use more power for air conditioning.

So what has been happening in the studio the past week? I have been throwing pieces for the store and practicing some shapes for the August box. Yes I am starting to get ready for August subscription boxes, so order your box, before the limit has been reached. I am also working on mugs with handles, because everyone wants a Freba Mug, and really I don't blame them.

I have also been busy advocating for my 93 year old grandmother who has been in long term care for the past 6 weeks. I have learnt over this process that there is a crisis in Saskatchewan in long term care and I have decided that I need to advocate for change. So I have two goals right now: create pottery and advocate for Long Term Care. I have been interviewed by the media a few times and keep making noise and trying to make a difference for the elderly. As I am on my wheel, I keep thinking of new ways to make noise!

I am off to find a place to cool off in my house and start figuring out how many boxes I need to complete for August. If you have any of my pottery please take pictures and add them to my gallery on my website. I will be drawing from all the submissions from today til August 5th and the winner will get a free August pottery box.

Also for every 20 boxes sold I will give a free pottery box to a grocery store worker nominated by you the customers.

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