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Does it really work?

The answer is yes, the honour system does really work in my little highway pottery store. Since summer 2013, I have operated my little store on the honour system, knowing that people are good. I have stated before that I was inspired from a pottery store on Denman Island. In the past seven years, my inspiration to continue running it as such, has been because it works and so many people are surprised and honoured that I would trust them.

Over the years, I would rush out to the store when someone arrived even if I was covered in clay or in the midst of glazing in the studio. The past two years though I have realized, that the beauty of my system is that even if I am home it can still work on the honour system. People usually want to experience it themselves. Now that being said, sometimes long days in the studio I would go out to see who arrived, just so that I could see and talk with my customers.

The past two months has been different in that I may speak with the customers through the window, but on the most part I just let them go about shopping and experience my little store. I had one customer say it was like online shopping in person, in that she didn't have to wait for shipping, but she just etransferred. The best of both worlds she said.

I am glad that I am able to share my art form with everyone and that humanity shines through my little store. It seems each week my store changes in what I have in the store because of all the creating that I am doing. So if you do get a chance to stop by the highway store know that each week the stock changes and grows and I may be short on one colour one week, but the next I have plenty.

Now for all the red wine drinkers, the wall of red wine cups has many options. I wanted to highlight this part of my store this week, because so many people love my red wine cups and my goal this season is to keep the wall full and the online store inventory full so that everyone can get their own cool red wine cup!

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