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Clean Artist Studio

A clean artist studio is one of those goals an artist always has. Well I have always thought it would be nice to have a clean studio. Part of my identity as an artist, I decided that I needed to change how my studio operated and how I created in the studio. As a teacher, I always spent time organizing and creating a space that made the students comfortable and inspired for learning. So I applied that to my studio. To create a space that inspires me to create, to organize it so that it operates better as a creative space and to define each section in the space.

My studio has been transformed into a space that I crave to go into each day and I am finding that I am able to practise my art form. I have been working on my follow through the past two weeks and I have spent some time thinking of how can I successfully move forward with my subscription boxes for November and December. I know many people have used the subscription box as Christmas presents in the past and I want to allow the November/December boxes to arrive on time or possibly early.

When I create and get the pottery boxes ready I find many roadblocks that seem to cause me to not send the boxes out on time. So lets adjust the schedule and how I fill orders. I will be sending out 20 boxes out on November 8, 20 boxes on November 15, 20 boxes on November 22, 20 boxes on November 29 and 20 boxes on December 6 and 20 boxes on December 13. The items will be the same in each of the boxes for November and December. There will be only 120 boxes sent out in the 6 weeks. I will be sending out the first 20 orders on the first shipping day, etc, unless you request a particular week for shipping. I'm hoping shipping every Monday starting November 8th will allow me to be able to get my pottery passion out for gifts and treats to your own homes.

Thank you for supporting my artist journey.

Marea Olafson

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