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mini mugs

Mini Mug Project

You have been mugged

Embrace community over competition as four passionate potters unite to scatter joy across Saskatoon and maybe beyond. In a celebration of creativity and camaraderie, we've hidden 40 mini mugs, each a tiny treasure waiting to be discovered, in beloved local coffee shops and small businesses throughout our vibrant city.

mini mugs

Each quarter, we'll select a lucky winner from the tagged photos on Instagram. Winners will receive an exclusive set of handcrafted pottery from the four potters, a testament to the beauty of collaboration and community.



1. Follow the Four Potters: Keep up with us on Instagram to stay in the loop! Follow our accounts to join the Mini Moments adventure.

2. Hunt for Mini Mugs: Explore Saskatoon's hidden gems and keep your eyes peeled for our miniature masterpieces. Find a mini mug? It's your ticket to win!

3. Capture the Moment: Take a selfie with your newfound mini mug and share it on Instagram. Don't forget to tag the four potters and use the hashtag #MiniMoments to enter the competition.

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