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What if?

What if you wanted to take your passion and make it happen? You take the leap and go from full time teaching to half time teaching to see if you can turn it into a full time option! What if you wanted to test out pottery business full time without the risk of giving up the teaching career? The pandemic gave me that opportunity with the shut down and supplemental learning. What if you still keep teaching and doing pottery, but you can't keep up? You end up feeling like you are carrying too much on your shoulders. What if you take a big deep breathe and start to adjust to the latest transition?

On Thursday, I took a big deep breathe and realized that now that school is back in full swing that I need to readjust how I do my pottery business and school. I am back at 50% for each. So do I have time to continue my pottery business how I have been doing it for the past 6 months? Hmmm...I think a refocus and work smarter, not harder will have to become the next transition.

Since Thursday, I have been spending lots of time thinking about my blog and how I have neglected it the past few weeks while I was preparing for school start up. So to refocus on the blog, I am not waiting till the usual Thursday submission but committing to it today. I also today got down into the studio and moved some product, drying some pieces and decided that today and tomorrow I would make 100 mugs with handles. What if that is too big of a goal? I have done it before, and I don't like putting handles on until I'm half way putting them on and then I find my groove. So my refocus in the studio is to do the "hard stuff" first and then I will be feeling so accomplished when they are drying.

What if I said 5 people were going to get the August pottery box, but I have not followed through? Well today I will reach out to those people and get their colour choice and get that dealt with, because I still can follow through. So I will be reaching out to those deserving people and get that off my nagging list of to do!

What if October is approaching fast and you have a pottery subscription box going out? You get your blog out and send out your newsletter and remind everyone to place their orders, because you have to cut off the deadline to order: October 1, 2020 (so that I can fulfill the orders on time). They will mail out on the 15th and I am learning that if I let the ordering go too long, I just can't keep up. What if I want everyone to be able to order the October subscription box? I have realized that I am a one person artist, with people that can help in some of the production points, but that I have to have limitations so that I don't overextend myself.

What if I focus on my pottery business and teaching each providing so much to my soul in a way that there is a balance? That would be amazing, but honestly trying is the most important thing for each to succeed. Yesterday, I read the children's book What if? to my elementary students and thought that the question would be amazing for today's blog. So I hope that I have answered many of my what if? questions that have been running through my head.

What if you want to order the October Subscription Pottery Box for yourself or others? Place your order before October 1, 2020.

The beginning of my 100 mugs this weekend! What if I accomplish my goal? A feeling of accomplishment and so many people excited to get a Freba Mug!

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