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Sprucing up the Highway Store

I am so excited to let everyone know that my highway store got a makeover!  I still have some more work to do with the paintings and washing the windows.  The weather is so awesome that it is time to wash the windows and spring cleaning!  I spent all afternoon in the store today wiping down the new shelving that my husband worked on the past few days.  The reason for the makeover was because I was gifted that gorgeous antique furniture on the right side of the photo that inspired my husband to say lets flip the shelving on its side and make it look like it is floating!   I also pulled out more stock from the studio to fill those shelves.  I have double the display surfaces, which means I have lots in the store for social distancing/honour system road trip shopping just off highway 16!  I actually want to find a little table and chair set to put in the middle so I can display a few pieces in time.

This new website and the ability to create a newsletter each week and share what is happening in my pottery studio and store is incredibly rewarding.  I appreciate all who have signed up to get the weekly newsletter and I hope I inspire you to follow your own passions.  With all the pottery boxes out for delivery this past week, I have been enjoying getting unboxing videos or pictures of the April subscription boxes.  So many people are loving this box as much as I loved creating and sending them out.  The next subscription box is June and I am going to be starting to throw for them beginning of May once my full website goes live. I'm really excited about what I am going to be doing for June...shh it is still a secret! 

The next seven days, I will be working on inventory for my online store that will be added to the website when it fully launches on May 1st.  When I first started taking my pottery to trade shows and creating lots I had created an etsy online store, many years ago.  I found it difficult to have an etsy store when I created the highway store.  The reason for this is to have inventory online and in the highway store has been tricky because what happens if the inventory is the same and I run the store on honour system so inventory control didn't work great for the online etsy store.  So for this next step in my pottery business, I will be creating an online inventory and a highway store inventory.  As you can see from the above picture the highway store has plenty of pottery with lots of colour choice!  So seven days to have that same amount of quality inventory for the online store.  Now if you know me personally, this is a great exciting mission for me.  I love the whole process, so my routine of helping my girls with online learning, and creating learning opportunities for my arts ed students I will also be getting quality studio time!  Thank you so much for subscribing and I hope this finds everyone safe and healthy.  

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Amy McCoy
Amy McCoy
30 avr. 2020

Marea, this is so fabulous! The store looks great, I love the antique hutch and the whole vibe!


Absolutely incredible! So proud of you!! Love love love it xo

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