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Never can find my name...

With a unique name, I was always hoping that somewhere on those personalized name keychains or cups my name would show up. My name is a common Icelandic name, but being in Canada, my parents decided that they would change the Icelandic I to an E so that I wouldn't get called Maria. So when visiting Iceland there were personalization, but it was the Icelandic spelling. There is something special having something that has your name on it.

Earlier in March, I made 225 personalized cups as an incentive for the Wynyard Elementary School students. the students were so excited and loved their tumblers. So for the holidays, I decided to do a run of personalized mugs or tumblers that can be picked up at the store or arrange for shipping. I am doing 100 of each and still have some available for order.

This picture shows the steps the cup goes through from throwing, to bisque fire and then glazed with a name on it. With handle $28 and without handle $22 each.

Please place order by the end of November 26th at 12pm by sending an email to They will be available for pick up at Freba Pottery highway store on December 1, 2021 and shipping out the next day.

Also available is the December Mystery Pottery Box if you are looking for a box of pottery for gifting. You pick the colour and I fill the box with pottery. I will be shipping December boxes out December 6 and December 13th.

I have been incredibly busy in the studio, filling orders, filling the highway store and working on creating some new shapes for later in the new year release.

Stay Safe

Marea Olafson

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