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It is a WIN, WIN!

Well Saskatchewan has been hit with some cold winter weather, after some great warmish weather for us to enjoy the winter. Why a WIN, WIN having the cold weather hit? It is the perfect time for me to hermit in my studio, with the kilns firing and spending time creating in the studio. I am working on mugs to refill my inventory in a store in Saskatoon this week; The Hobnobber on 33rd and to fill my highway store.

I am not a cold weather person, so when Saskatchewan gets crazy cold, I spend many many hours in the studio with the kilns going so I feel like I am on a warm holiday. Ok maybe not convincing as I am still in my basement and not near a beach, but it does make me want to create and create and create!

I am truly excited about the kiln load from today to cool, as I have been playing around with some shapes for a pottery go mug, as well as a new collection that I hope to reveal for the month of February. I set the goal of 2100 mugs for 2021, which means 200 mugs per month approximately. With this in mind I decided that I needed to think of other mug shapes than the regular large Freba Mug. Oh don't worry, these mugs will be staying and I will prototype some new shapes as I work on my goal.

Check out my instagram page @mareaolafson this week to find out my various shapes that I am going to be prototyping. How I will go about deciding which shape I will create for sale will require many cups of tea. I want to make sure that whichever shape I commit to is a good fit in my own hand. So this week I will be talking about pottery go mugs on my instagram account.

One more week of the February Pottery Boxes being for sale. February 1st is the deadline to sign up for this pottery box and I am working on the pieces and getting all the boxes ready for February 15th shipping. If you are looking for some handmade joy for yourself or for your friends or family check out

Stay safe and warm!

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