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I so try to fit more hours in a day!

As a creative, I get into my art form sometimes that I don't realize how long that I have been in the studio. As a creative, I have many things happening in the studio, online store and highway store. As a creative, I love sharing my pottery and I love sending out the subscription boxes and waiting to hear everyone's reactions. As a creative, my house is dusty and my children have learnt that they are independent beings and to find me they have to come into the studio some days.

The past month has been incredibly crazy busy and so rewarding in the studio. The past month has also been very busy with family commitments. The past month we have had incredible wind and thankfully we have also had rain. The highway store has been busy and I'm very excited that I am able to send out 4 free subscription boxes to health care workers nominated by you. I will be sending out a box to: Hannah Dicus, Jody Matsalla, Jody Wipf, and Corrine Bot. I will be contacting them to have them pick their colour.

I have been diligently working on the June Subscription box for the past month, but unfortunately are going out late. This stresses me out, because the other part of my world is being a teacher. I don't like being late, but this pottery box seemed to give me some grief. Drying time, production of enough pieces, firing kilns, loading and unloading kilns, and keeping track of all the colours are all part of the process. This box when it arrives will have a wow factor, which I am very proud of.

When I decided to create an online store, I didn't realize the growth factor and I am now getting comfortable with the influx in my business and I truly want to thank those that have been following me and purchasing my pottery through my online store and highway store. The learning curve has been great and I look forward to improving my creative production.

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